About Dr. Sooyoun Chung

Board-Certified Orthodontist in & North DFW, Carrollton, TX

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Dr. Sooyoun Chung

Dr. Sooyoun Chung is a Board-certified orthodontist, serving north DFW for over ten years. She takes great joy in helping her patients to enjoy their healthy and beautiful smiles for life.

She thoroughly enjoys getting to know each patient on a personal level and guides them through his/her smile journey to Prime Smile. Her favorite part is to observe patients overcome their shyness and bloom into their best selves through the orthodontic treatments. Smiles play a big role in our life!

She was born in Maryland and grew up in South Korea. She earned her Bachelor of Science in biochemistry in Yonsei University. She went on to study at University of Wisconsin in Madison, got her Master of Science in Biochemistry before changing her career to dentistry.

Dr. Chung studied dentistry, and got her DDS degree from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which is voted many times the best dental school in the world! She was inducted into the prestigious Omega Kappa Upsilon (OKU) honor society upon graduation and went on to continue her goal of becoming an orthodontist at University of California at San Francisco, and got her master of science in oral biology and certificate of orthodontics after three years.

She is among 25% of all orthodontists who opted to take extra time and effort and proved their diagnosis and treatment skills by becoming Board certified orthodontists. Still now she attends local and national orthodontics meetings and seminars to sharpen her knowledge, acquire new techniques and stay current in the dental and orthodontic field. She is an active member of the Southwestern Society of Orthodontist, the American Association of Orthodontist (AAO), and the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO).

Dr. Chung is an avid dog lover and participates in Dog Agility with her right arm dog, Roux, who you can see most clinic days at Prime Orthodontics. She enjoys cooking, sewing, working out, and hiking in her free time.