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We welcome all our patients with open arms, big smiles, and a clear mindset to help you achieve your goals. As a board-certified orthodontist, we specialize in straightening teeth and aligning your bite. We take this very seriously but believe we should all have some fun along the way.

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Meet Dr. Sooyoun Chung

Helping kids, teens, and adults embrace straight teeth.

  • Board-certified orthodontist specializing in aligning teeth and bites
  • Loves being a positive influence in her patients’ lives
  • Uses her creative and problem-solving skills to benefit your smile
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Orthodontics Services

Experience the health benefits and confidence of a beautiful smile.

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Phase I Treatment

Starting orthodontics early helps treat issues more effectively, shortens treatment time, and leads to better teeth alignment and appearance as your child grows.

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Braces work wonders in fixing crooked teeth and giving you a healthier, more confident smile that makes you look and feel great!

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Self-Ligating Braces

This modern style of braces speeds up the straightening process so you can show off your new smile sooner.

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Clear Aligners

Discreetly transform your smile with the nation’s number one clear aligner solution.

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Adult Orthodontics

It’s not too late to get the smile of your dreams. More and more adults are choosing orthodontics than ever before!

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Retainers are your trusty sidekicks, keeping your newly straightened teeth in place so you can enjoy your perfect smile for years to come.

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Patient Resources

Your visit has never been so comfortable and simple. Prime Orthodontics offers a number of conveniences, including:

  • Same-day treatment
  • Online payment options
  • In-house financing
  • Downloadable patient forms
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Referring Doctors

Dr. Chung enjoys collaborating with the top general dentists in Carrollton, TX. If you have a patient who needs expert orthodontic services, then simply fill out the form below and send it to our office.

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